Online Play:

As long as all players have a copy of Mine, All Mine! the game can be played over email, forum/thread posts or even face-to-face (such as over Skype or Facetime). One player will set up the game, dealing the planet cards and the starting hand for each player. When this is done, this player informs all other players of the number of the cards they were dealt (each card has a number below the action text from #01-#12). Players can then “give themselves” these cards from their own physical copy of the game. When players submit what card(s) they play, they will simply state the number and the face they are playing. The side of the card with the two ships are faces A and B (A being on the opposite side of the action text and B being opposite the other ship). On the other side of the card, face C is the ship and D is the action text. An example would be: “I’m playing #03 A, #05 C.” This information is sent to the dealer who selects the cards from the physical copy in front of them. In this way, Mine, All Mine! can be played quickly and easily, even half way around the world!

Expanded Solo Rules:


1. Flip-shuffle the planet cards and lay all three of them in a row. It does not matter if the moon or planet side is face up. Each card represents a separate round of play.

2. Flip-shuffle the ship cards. Without looking at them hide 3 cards under the first and second planet cards each*. These will be the ships the AI opponent plays for each planet. The remaining 6 ships are your hand for this game.

3. Set out the score card and 2 different color clips, 1 to track your score and one to track the AI’s score.

Game play

4. Your goal is to score more points than the AI. At the end of each round place the ship cards you have played into a discard pile and move the clips to track your and the AI’s score. You will only receive the 6 ships cards you currently have, so use them wisely.

5. For each round, reveal all 3 cards played by the AI at that planet. The ships/actions randomly selected, facing so you can read them, is what the AI is playing. You will see what the AI is playing that round before you select the cards you will play**. Look over your hand of cards and chose what to play to try and beat the AI opponent. You must play a minimum of 1 card each round. You can use any ship or action side of any card in your hand.

6. When you have finished a round, return the AI ship cards back to the current planet and place all just played player ship cards under the third planet. These will be the ships you face during the third round. If there are less than 3 when you reach the 3rd round, draw a ship card used by the AI from the first round. If there are more than 3, discard down to 3. Flip-shuffle these cards and you are ready to play the final round.

* For an easier game, place 2 ship cards under each planet card instead of 3 under the first two planets.

** For a unique challenge, do not reveal the AI fleets until after you have chosen what you will play during each round!

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